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Water Damage cleaning in Office Building

Office Building Water Damage Cleanup

Although we are known for being the best water damage cleanup company for residential properties, we are also the best for commercial buildings. We know how crucial it is to get back to work. We are well known to get your business up and running after a water damage.

Vandalised building in West Valley

Vandalism Cleaning in West Valley City, UT

Cleaning up vandalism is part of our job in West Valley City, UT. There are a lot of tagging which then leads to more tagging from other gangs in the area. The best recourse is to get rid of it as fast as possible.

Window Well Storm Damage

Window Well Maintanence

Check your window wells for damage to avoid rain water getting into your home. The damage shown here caused rain water to leak into the home. The repairs were pretty minor and a quick cleanup for our technicians.

Drying a ceiling

Using the Right Equipment

Calling the right company is vital when having to dry out an old building. The lath and plaster in this building needed specialty drying to assure it dried out correctly without any mold damage. Lath and plaster dry out really slowly and if done incorrectly will result in mold damage.

Furnace Fire

Furnace Fire in Garage

The furnace in this garage malfunctioned and caused fire and smoke damage. There was a lot of content that needed to be cleaned and removed. We stored all the content, even the boat, at our facility until the job was finished.

Damaged Shingles on West Valley City Home

Shingles Lifting from Ice Dam

An Ice Dam can cause shingles to lift, as it did for this home in West Valley City. The sun can't get to the snow because of the direction the valley on the roof is facing.

Electrical Damage in the rafters of a West Valley City home.

Electrical Fire Damage Cleaning

This home had a a small electrical fire in the ceiling that started the rafters on fire. The fire was put out quickly and the cleanup was quick too. Once the smoke smell was out of the home we put the ceiling and insulation back.

Mold growing under a water heater.

Water Heater Leak and Mold Damage

The water heater in this West Valley City home had a small leak. The drywall soaked up the water and it couldn't dry in time which allowed black mold to grow.

Green equipment on a wood floor

Saving Wood Floors in West Valley City, UT

Your wood floors can be saved if you call the right company. We have the right equipment to save you and the insurance company a ton of money. These floor mats remove the water from under the wood.

Broken pipe in commercial bathroom

Pipe Break in West Valley City

We were called to clean up this commercial building after they had a pipe break. Our experienced technicians began the commercial cleanup on the weekend and dried out the bathroom in time for clients to use the facilities.

New Water Heater

Water Heater - Water Damage

Most water heaters last between eight to twelve years, depending on the brand. That doesn't always mean that they are going to last that long. Here in West Valley we usually see damage because of a malfunction or because they are old. Remember to check your water heaters for leaks and replace when they get past their prime.

Water Damage Walls Showing Paint Sloughing

Paint Sloughing from Upstairs Water Damage

The paint running off the walls is a sure sign of water damage. The damage is from an upstairs toilet tank brake. There was so much water in the walls that it all had to be removed and replaced.

Flood Cuts in Basement Room

Window Well Damage Causes Flood

The window well of this home filled up with water and broke causing a flood in the basement. It's not typical for this to happen but when it does it means calling SERVPRO. We had the place cleaned up right away dry.

Commercial Building with Flood Debris

Flood Water Debris in Commercial Building

Flood water can deposit a lot of debris from the outside. Luckily a lot of the contents in the store were raised. We covered the contents to keep them from taking on humidity and began working on the flood cleanup.

Containment Around Living Room

Smoke Damage Cleaning

We built a containment around this home to better clean the wall from smoke damage. The rest of the home needed some cleanup but the main fire was on the outside of the home. Using containments is another reason why SERVPRO is the best company to call for Fire Damage Cleanup.

Basement Full of Water from Pipe Break

Flooded Basement Restoration

The basement is ofter the place to find water damage. Here we have six to eight inches of water from a pipe break. The basement had to be pumped and all the contents removed before restoration could begin.

Corona Virus Cleanup Protective Gear

COVID-19 Protective Gear

We have been busy this time of year with COVID-19 Cleanup for businesses. Our Technicians are used to wearing this gear for Sewage and Mold Cleanup. The cleanup is very similar, however, we use FDA approved disinfectants for Coronavirus Exposure cleaning.

Mold Damage Behind Baseboard

Mold Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO can handle all types of damage. Mold damage usually happens after water has sat for more than 24 hours. Mold is common behind baseboards because homeowners don't know to check there after the water damage seems to have dried.

Toilet and Flood Cut from Sewage Damage

Sewage Damage in Commercial Building

This company suffered from the storm water causing a sewage backup. It happens often in older buildings, although this one had been redone a few times to look more modern. It's too bad the sewer pipes were not upgraded as well.

Hallway with SERVPRO Equipement

Commecial Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO is know for their residential cleanup services. However, SERVPRO is also the trusted brand in Commercial Disaster Cleanup.

This building is covered in SERVPRO equipment to have it dry and useful for this commercial company.

Soot Web in a Corner

Soot Webs from Fire Damage

Soot Webs look like they could be soot covered cobwebs. They are really soot particles that have been ionized and magnetized to create a chain when the oxygen is being used up by the fire.

Bathtub Leaking Through Ceiling

Bathtub Leaking Through Ceiling

What an awful event! The homeowners didn't know there was a leak until it was too late. Water came from the ceiling flooding the first floor. Check out our Before and After section to see our equipment in action.

Burned Siding in West Valley City

Garbage Can Fire Damage

Throwing away ashes, fireworks, or cigarets in the garbage can are common ways for them to catch on fire. Even the smallest ember can cause something inside the garbage can ignite. Don't put hot items in the garbage or your home may look like this.

Drying Equipment in LDS Church

LDS Churches Use SERVPRO

We have created a great relationship with the LDS Churches in the surrounding areas to do their Disaster Cleanup. It's great to be counted on by a wonderful organization. We are Here to Help when disasters happen.

Plastic Sheeting used to Contain Mold

Containment Uses

SERVPRO of West Valley City uses containment procedures for multiple situations. The main ones being: 

  • Sewage - To keep contamination from crossing into uncontaminated areas of the home.
  • Mold - To keep mold spores from spreading throughout the home.

Give us a call at (801) 975-1305 if you have mold or sewage issues in your West Valley City home.

LDS Church Suffers Water Damage

A water main had broken in this LDS Church in West Valley City, UT. The facility manager has used us in the past for little jobs and was happy to hear we could take care of this big one.

Storm Water Damage in West Valley City, UT Home

This home in West Valley City, UT had been damaged after a storm had caused flooding. The flood water came into the home destroying the flooring and drywall. SERVPRO of West Valley City technicians removed the damaged materials from the home.

Smoke House Training Center

Fire Training House at SERVPRO Corporate

This house is inside the headquarters of SERVPRO Corporate. It is known as the "Smoke House" because it is used as the Fire Cleaning Training. Each training cycle the house is started on fire and the technicians and owners are trained on the fire cleanup of the building.

Thanking firemen at the Utah Fire Fighter Convention

SERVPRO had the opportunity to sponsor a dinner and family night for the Utah State Firefighter Convention! It was a great way to thank the firefighters and their families for everything they do for our community. We love our first responders!

Hemophilia foundation charitable fund raiser

SERVPRO of West Valley City is a proud multi-year participant in the local Farmers Insurance charitable golf tournament to raise funds for the Utah Hemophilia Foundation. Together we can make a difference for those suffering with Hemophilia in our community.